GitLab issues on steroids

KanbanSync is a smarter way to manage your GitLab issues.

Ever felt lost with grouping tasks and goals in GitLab? Would you like to see a proper sprint board without paying thousands of dollars a month on project management tools? Look no further, KanbanSync is here!

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About KanbanSync

If you like to keep things simple, KanbanSync is the right tool for your business

GitLab Backend

No extra databases. KanbanSync sits on top of your GitLab instance, and adds smarter display logic to it.

Works with GitLab CE

Thoroughly tested with GitLab Community Edition as well, to add value even to the smallest!


KanbanSync acts as a proxy between the browser and GitLab and never analyzes, stores or otherwise uses any data between the two endpoints.

  • Multiple projects

    Display issues from any number of groups, subgroups and projects simultaniously

  • Swimlanes

    Display tasks grouped in swimlanes, either based on assignee or labels.

  • Milestone filtering

    No matter if it's a sprint, a feature, a release or a deadline

  • Custom columns

    Use columns from your GitLab Kanban boards

  • Priorities

    Your issues are ordered by their priority

  • Drag & Drop

    Easily drag & drop cards to other columns, they'll get synced to GitLab automatically


Check out some of the features and see all of them for yourself by connecting your GitLab instance today!

Swimlanes by assignee

To oversee the workload of your team, you can simply choose to populate swimlanes with assignees.


Swimlanes by story

To see the status of your deliverables (like user stories or epics), you can choose to populate swimlanes with grouped issues.

You can set the grouping label prefixes in your account settings page.


On the right panel you can choose projects, labels and milestones and use them to filter your issues.

You can also configure the swimlanes here.


Our Pricing Plan

We use KanbanSync every day, but we are still in beta. We'd like to improve and add new features based on your feedback. For the community and for ourselves. Because of this, KanbanSync will remain free for the foreseeable future. Later on we might introduce tiers, if this happens then we'll make sure that it remains cheap or even free for teams that otherwise couldn't afford it.